PD Dr. Sönke Bartling, is a board-certified radiologist and a scientist in basic medical imaging sciences, he studied in Hannover and Boston. He was always interested in what novel online technologies can do for research, science communication and open science, he was involved in the early stages of the Web 2.0 revolution in science as his friends founded ResearchGate. He edited a living book on ‘Opening Science”, which became SpringerNature´s most downloaded book. And after falling down the bitcoin rabbit hole, he founded a thinktank around all Blockchain For Science and became a trailblazer of the decentralized future of research, organizing the 1st International Conference on Blockchain For Science, Research and Knowledge Creation. He sees the blockchain revolution as a mean to break with artificial and unnecessary constrains that limit the flow of information and great ideas. Currently, he is passionate to kickstart the emerging cryptoeconomy for research with its open and onboarding business models and unconstrained data flows.