Scientific Ecosystem Experimentation with Decentralization


25 – 28 February 2019 in Davos, Switzerland

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Cutting-edge decentralized technologies and distributed ledgers such as blockchain have great potential for incentivizing collaboration and openness in science, providing new ways of funding research projects, and empowering the scientific community to be appropriately rewarded for their work.

SEED welcomes anyone involved in the scientific ecosystem to our program. Join talks and contribute with your own innovative thinking to specific applications. You do not need to be a blockchain expert — we will provide high-quality training during the event in Davos to bring you up to speed!

Attend thought-provoking talks on the current bottlenecks in the collaborative research space. Partake in training on blockchain mechanisms, governance, economics and development, and gain inspiration from presentations of blockchain applications in research and industry.

Join expert-guided workshops to devise actionable ideas for blockchain-based solutions. Pitch ideas on stage. The selected community-driven ideas become the focus of the Incubator.

The best conceptual designs that emerged from the Think Tank are guaranteed to be turned into open source prototypes by the Tech Partner. Everyone involved in the selected ideas is welcome to join the collaboration and define their individual scope of involvement in this phase.

SEED Program*

*subject to change!


Registration (8:30-9:30)

Problem-driven track (09:30)

9:30 (10’): Welcome & Intro (Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska)

9:40 (30’+5’): “Open Science is just science done right!” (Dr. Jonathan Tennant)

10:25 (30’+5’): Economics of science (prof. Paula Stephan)

11:00 (30’+5’): Open Access & Funding in Research (Dr. Michael Hill)

11:35 (30’+5’): Reproducibility crisis (TBA)

12:10 (50’) – Lunch

13:00 (30+5’) Research data management (TBA)

13:35 (30’+5’) Patents and IP (Dany Vogel)

14:10 (20’) Panel Discussion: “Future of research”

Coffee break (20’): 14:30-14:50


Solution-driven track (14:50)

14:50 (90’): Intro to blockchain (Validity Labs)

  • Disintermediation – what’s the problem?
  • From Excel to Blockchain – a thought experiment
  • Smart Contracts – business process automation 2.0

Coffee break (30’): 16:20-16:50

16:50 (20’+5’): Blockchain for Science (Dr. Soenke Bartling)

17:15 (2o’+5’): Blockchain for peer review (Dr. Joris van Rossum)

17:40 (20’+5’): Marketplace for data (TBA)

18:05 (20’+5’): Blockchain-secured contributions science ecosystem (TBA)

18:30 (30’) 3 Quick Submitted Talks


Training track (9:00)

8:30 (30’) Crash course on cryptography (TBA)

9:30 (60’) Hands-on crypto-currencies and smart contracts (Validity Labs)

  • Wallet setup
  • Receive and secure your first own money
  • Getting in touch with a smart contract

Coffee break (30’): 10:30-11:00

11:00 (90’) Let’s buidl a SEED decentralized autonomous organization DAO (Validity Labs)

  • Overview of DAOs
  • Introduction to the SEED DAO
  • First interactions

12:30 (60’) – Lunch

13:30 (30’+5’) Blockchain privacy, scalability, mechanisms & governance (TBA)

14:05 (30’+5’) Blockchain and GDPR (TBA)

14:40 (30’+5) “On the future of smart contract security” (Daniel Fischmann)

Coffee break (20’): 15:15-15:35


Training track (15:35)

15:35 (30’+5) Well-incentivized platforms and cryptoeconomics (prof. Claudio Tessone)

16:10 (20’+5’) Decentralized computing platform (TBA)

16:35 (20’ + 5’) Distributed storage (TBA)

17:00 (20’+5’) ICOs & why tokenize – investors point of view (TBA)

Coffee break (20’): 17:25-17:45

17:45 (45’)  Sponsor talks

18:30 (30’) 3 Quick Submitted Talks


Interdisciplinary Collaboration (9:00)

9:00 (60’) Vertical partners

  • Infrastructure for research (TBA)
  • Open science & communication (TBA)
  • Interfacing corporate and academic research (TBA)

10:00 (30’) Collaboration Value (TBA)

Coffee break (20’): 10:30-10:50

10:50 (30’) Partner Talk (TBA)

12:00 (30’) Rules of the Think Tank (TBA)

12:30 (60’) Lunch


Parallel workshops  (13:30)

13:30 (120’) Parallel workshops start

Coffee Break (30’): 15:30 – 16:00

16:00 (120’) Parallel workshops continued

18:00 (60’) Horizontal exchange between workshops


Parallel workshops (9:00)

09:00 (90’) Parallel workshops

Coffee break (30’): 10:00-10:30

10:30 (90’) Parallel workshops continued

12:00 (60’) Lunch


Presentations & Voting (13:00)

13:00 (120’) Presentations of Think Tank groups

Coffee Break (30’) 15:00 – 15:30

15:30 (30’) Closing Ceremony & Results

16:00 (90’) Incubator kickoff & briefing (for selected collaborations)

Submit an abstract

Have an idea or an existing project, the scope of which fits the vision of SEED? Submit an abstract for a lightning talk or a poster. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit both their abstracts and later on full articles to our Publishing Partner (TBA).



Learn more about the workflow

Start a new collaboration!

The presentations and tutorials at the Symposium serve as an inspiration for the 2-day Think Tank, during which interdisciplinary groups will be working together to prototype new actionable ideas for blockchain-backed tools.

Each participant will join one of the main working groups differentiated by their area of interest (see “verticals”) and will explore how decentralized technology can positively impact research and collaboration. In particular, they will focus on the lessons learnt on:

  • crypto-economic incentive mechanisms,
  • other examples of collaborative blockchain applications,
  • networked science and open innovation,
  • legal implications.

At the end of the Think Tank, all collaborations emerging from the verticals will pitch their ideas on stage. The jury and the audience will collectively pick the best ideas for the implementation during the incubator.

Everyone involved in the research ecosystem. In particular:

Members of NGOs, lawyers, anyone who would march for science and expresses interest in identifying good use cases for decentralized technology in their respective fields.

The scope of the verticals will be coordinated with our Vertical Partners. We are, however, very interested in covering the following areas:

We invite entities involved in the research infrastructure from variety of fields and that includes, but is not limited to, the following branches:

The best ideas are guaranteed to be turned into open source proofs of concept during the 3-month-long implementation phase by a dedicated team of experts from Validity Labs. The members of the winning teams can individually choose the extent of their involvement in the Incubator.

Meet our Partners

Tech Partner

Vertical Partners


Become a partner or a sponsor!

Would you like to support our program? Get in touch with us to request more details on how to get involved.


Or share your crypto!

Support open source development of our projects. Thanks to you, we will be able to:

  • evaluate the potential of blockchain technology for tackling growing problems in research space;
  • collaboratively devise, as well as implement, promising technological solutions (as proofs of concept);
  • release those solutions into the Open Source community.
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