Unleash the potential of blockchain technology in Science, Engineering, Education and Development.

25 – 28 February 2019 in Davos, Switzerland

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Interdisciplinary collaboration will open up new avenues on a much shorter time scale than operating in silos. SEED will thus connect individuals from academia and industry with leading developers of blockchain technology, who will openly exchange their knowledge and prototype actionable ideas for tools fostering more innovation in research.


25 – 28 of February 2019 in Davos, Switzerland


Research today is suffering from outdated workflows and publishing paradigms, which combined with decreasing funding for basic and applied research drive practices that are contrary to the interest of discovery and advancing human knowledge. To name a few:

selective outcome reporting and pressure to publish fuel the reproducibility crisis

lack of open exchange of data, pipelines or ideas triggers redundancies and inefficiencies in research

there are no standard prevention mechanisms in place against the theft of data, ideas or materials, falsifying results, human exploitation, or blocking patents

widely adopted research assessment metric is wrong and encourages undertaking low-impact, risk-free research projects

pre- and post-publication peer review processes contribute surprisingly little to the validation or improvement of research projects and rather slow down science communication in their current form


Those issues force us to rethink how research works today. Blockchain technology provides a decentralized, censorship-resistant, transparent, and economically incentivized ecosystem, which can be utilized in a number of scientific applications. The economical benefits are particularly promising, as they add to the picture the practical aspect that is much needed if the solutions are to be adopted on a large scale. Just imagine:

opening up science while ensuring immutable attribution of discoveries, data, pipelines, interpretations

well-incentivized, timely and diligent peer reviews and a revolution in how discoveries, grants, patents or accreditation are traced and reported

more collaborative ecosystem, in which labs or groups specialise in specific aspects of the research workflow

crowdfunding basic and applied research projects

adding more value to other research outputs beyond manuscripts, and thus stimulating more adventurous projects with potentially greater long-term payoffs

enabling interaction of parties where there may have been no trust or no established relation

unleashing the potential of collective intelligence in tackling difficult problems

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25-26th of February 2018, Davos
Attend thought-provoking talks on the current bottlenecks in the collaborative research space. Partake in training on blockchain mechanisms, governance, economics and development, and gain inspiration from presentations of blockchain applications in research and industry.

Think Tank

27-28th of February 2018, Davos
Join small-sized, expert-guided workshops to devise strategies for the implementation of novel collaborative blockchain-backed projects. Pitch your projects on stage and get shortlisted for the Incubator.


March - June 2018, Remote
The best conceptual designs that emerged from the Think Tank will be turned into open source prototypes during the 3-month-long implementation phase lead by Validity Labs.

Think Tank Verticals

Start a new collaboration!

The presentations and tutorials at the Symposium serve as an inspiration for the 2-day Think Tank, during which interdisciplinary groups will be working together to prototype new actionable ideas for blockchain-backed tools.

Each participant will join one of the 5 main working groups differentiated by their area of interest (see “verticals”) and will explore how blockchain technology can positively impact research and collaboration of their community. In particular, they will focus on the lessons learnt on:

  • crypto-economic incentive mechanisms,
  • other examples of collaborative blockchain applications,
  • networked science and open innovation,
  • legal implications.

At the end of the Think Tank, all teams emerging from the verticals will pitch their ideas on stage. The jury and the audience will collectively pick the best ideas. Winning teams will be invited to enter the Incubator.

Executives from industry, scientists from academia and the private research sector, members of NGOs, governmental and funding organizations with an interest in identifying good use cases for blockchain technology in their respective fields. Technologists, lawyers, investors, citizen scientists. Anyone, who would march for science.

No prior technical knowledge is required.

The best ideas are guaranteed to be turned into open source proofs of concept during the 3-month-long implementation phase by a dedicated team of experts from Validity Labs. The members of the winning teams can individually choose the extent of their involvement in the Incubator.

Research Community


Submit an abstract

Have an idea or an existing project, the scope of which fits the << vision >> of SEED? Submit an abstract for a lightning talk or a poster. Accepted abstracts will be citable and published in the open-access journal (more details soon).

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