25.02–01.03 | Davos, Switzerland

SEED 2019

Join SEED to unleash the potential of blockchain technology
in Science, Engineering, Education and Development.

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Decentralised and trustlessly-governed platforms have the potential to improve the current culture of collaboration and thus to accelerate the pace of global innovation. SEED2019 connects individuals from academia and industry with leading developers of blockchain technology to collectively tackle this challenge.

To-date collaboration

Discovery and innovation today suffer from a lack of incentives for open and timely sharing of data or ideas. A winner-takes-it-all environment, blocking patents and creating artificial scarcity of information through monopolistic pricing hinder scientific collaboration. This often results in redundancies, inefficiencies, and research outcomes or innovations lacking reproducibility or impact.An open discussion and consensus in the scientific and tech communities on core challenges, experimental design and best practices is long overdue.

New opportunities

The recent emergence of blockchain technology provided a new means of addressing key issues such as transparent and censorship-resistant:

  • incentivization and governance mechanisms,

  • attribution of data, results, and interpretations,

  • distribution of information, tasks, and created value,

  • interaction of parties where there may be no trust or no established relation.

Blockchain technology can revolutionize the way that discoveries, accreditation, grants and financial aid are tracked and reported. We thus invite the leaders and brightest minds to seed blockchain in the 5 following verticals:
and change the current paradigm of productive collaboration. With your help, we will identify key problems of each branch and pick the best solutions, which will then be implemented during the course of the incubator. SEED will facilitate the execution of those projects.


This two-day symposium will focus on the economic and social impact of blockchain-backed trust networks on Science, Engineering, Education and Development. The participants will also take part in hands-on training on blockchain and smart contracts.



Small-sized, expert-guided workshops will devise strategies for the implementation of collaborative blockchain-backed projects. Parallel workshops within 5 verticals (Energy, Mobility, Pharma & Healthcare, Big Data/IoT/Automation, Education & Development) explore the impact of blockchain technology and focus on:

  • hands-on understanding of smart contracts,

  • crypto-economic incentive mechanisms,

  • examples of collaborative blockchain applications,

  • networked science and open innovation,

  • legal implications.

The best ideas are shortlisted for the incubator.


The SEED incubator will actualise the best conceptual designs emerging from the workshops in a form of an “incubator as a service”. Participants can choose to actively collaborate during 2-3 months with a dedicated team from Validity Labs or just benefit from frequent updates that include webinars, a final report and access to Proofs of Concept (PoCs) at the end of the incubator.

The program will be published soon.

Benefits for


  • Links to state of the art blockchain technology providers.

  • Cross-disciplinary network of executives, scientists, technologists and educators facing similar challenges.

  • Hands-on training and development of use cases for implementation of blockchain-backed tools for collaboration and innovation.

  • Actualization of the best concepts emerging from the workshops.

  • A 3 month follow-up incubator keeping you up-to-date through active participation, webinars, a full research report and a launch of the best implemented project(s).

Benefits for


  • We connect you to a relevant user base seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their tech stack.

  • We design use cases for blockchain-backed tools to meet challenges for collaboration and innovation in academia and industry.

  • You gain exposure among industry leaders, researchers and academics.

  • We give you an opportunity to use the brainpower of SEED to solve your own challenge.

  • We give the execution guarantee – the best outcomes of SEED2019 will be implemented with Validity Labs.

  • By partnering with us, you not only promote blockchain-backed projects with real economic and societal impact but also inspire a signi cant change in science and research.

We are currently looking for partners and sponsors for SEED 2019.
If you are interested, please contact us at seed@validitylabs.org

Who we are

We are a group of scientists, blockchain developers and entrepreneurs who believe that decentralised, blockchain-backed technologies will stimulate innovation in science, research and development. We are committed to the vision of responsibly and globally-acting research institutions and innovation hubs.

Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska

SEED Project Lead
Head of Research and Analytics at Validity Labs, holds a PhD in Computational Science from University of Zurich. Alex brings scientific methods to the area of blockchain analytics.

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel

SEED Technical Lead
CTO and Co-founder of Validity Labs. PhD at ETH Zurich. Regular speaker at major blockchain conferences. One of the world’s top smart contract and Solidity developers.

André Wolke

SEED Partner Lead
CEO & Co-founder of Validity Labs & founder of BIOTS. A leading pioneer in building the future of distributed-ledger technologies in business and education.


Delia Wolke

SEED Art Director
Art Director at Validity Labs and creative eye at SEED. Delia combines research and blockchain with design to develop one complete picture.

Angelina Antoniadou

SEED Event Manager
Customer Relations & Events Manager at Validity Labs. Angelina is responsible for customer relations and the organization of events & conferences held by Validity Labs.

Arran Kitson

SEED Financial Lead
Arran Head of Advisory & Ventures at Validity Labs. Arran develop business models, products and ventures that embrace blockchain and decentralisation.

Main venue

Davos Congress Center

Events are held in the main hall, workshops in second floor meeting rooms


Promenade 95, 7270 Davos, Switzerland

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